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Creativity is contagious, pass it on!

Hello there, I’m Natalie Ann.

I am a writer, illustrator, soft toy maker and enthusiast of all things “arts and crafty”. I began as Natalie Ann Illustration, creating children's books, gifts and soft toys. From the success of this I decided I was keeping something special to myself and that is the ability to always think creatively. So I decided to gain experience spreading my creative vibes in schools and youth work. This quickly became the thing I loved the most helping others and realizing their artistic abilities, how creativity can benefit their lives, how therapeutic it can be and how much it will open up their minds to a whole new way of seeing the world.

I’ve have been dwelling on the idea of a space where I can curate my images of travel, days out, art, food and the enjoyment I get from passing on my creative ideas. So in short terms this is a sneak peak into all things Natalie Ann, living by the seaside and the enjoyment I get from being a youth worker.

One of my favorite quotes is from Albert Einstein - 'Creativity is contagious, pass it on!'

How can I not lead by his example?

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